Vip Club

Comp points

Comp points, otherwise known as loyalty points, are extra credit earned when making bets in the casino.
Loyalty points become even more significant when entering the vip program, as becoming a vip with us is mainly based on loyalty to the casino.
Here at city club we have a very unique comp points program, which improves for the player at each step of the vip ladder.

  • As a club member, for every $1 you earn 4 points.  For every 4000 comps accumulated, $1 can be converted into real money.
  • As a member of the vip program the conversion from comps to real money gets lower and lower, meaning that you do not have to bet as much in order to accumulate real money.  Shown in the vip benefits table, you can see how many comp points is required by each level of vip in order to convert to real money.

The conversion of every $1 bet to 4 comp points will always stay the same.

Once converted in to real money, these points can either be played with or withdrawn (providing there is a minimum of $20).